Framed Owl Giclee Art Prints

There's nothing more uninspiring than a lifeless blank wall. Bring the elegance of nature and owls to your home and brighten up those walls with these lovely framed owl giclee art prints.

A giclee is the generic term used throughout the world to characterize large sized impressions of a work of art on different materials such as canvas or artist's paper, printed via ink-jets with a special high quality very high definition printer.

The term originates from the french word giclee which means a spurt or gush. It was first used in an artistic fashion in 1991 by the American artist Jack Duganne who pioneered the process. The word perfectly describes the process whereby tiny ink droplets are spurted onto the artistic paper or canvas. For his creations, Jack Duganne used printers made by a company called Iris, which has since been taken over and assimilated into Hewlett Packard.

During that time, this type of printer was often used in advertising agencies and studios. The main drawback then was that the inks of those days were not of sufficient quality to faithfully reproduce the true colors of the original work. They also had a tendency to fade. These days however, ink technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Modern giclees use between 6 to 12 different colors of ink which together can provide an amazingly faithful reproduction of an original painting, photo or artistic work of the highest quality. These high-end modern inks that are now used are resistant to ultraviolet rays and water. Not only that but it has been estimated that a giclee retains its brilliant looks for 100 years or more.

A giclee on good quality paper looks fabulous, but when printed on canvas a giclee is the best option for artsts who want to reproduce their works with extreme quality, keeping the identity of the workmanship in the reproduction. The impression on the canvas is generally mounted to a frame and receives a layer of varnish just like an original work, such process having the effect that the reproduction and the original work are extremely similar. On the other hand the original work will always be unique since the giclee does not reproduce the aspect of relief that the original painting may possess.

The process of creating a giclee has the added benfit that the reproduction can be increased or reduced in size, offering an artist more chances to satify the needs of his or her clients. When creating a giclee, the first stage is for the original work of art to be captured on very high definition digital camera at a resolution of 39 million pixels or more in a specially adapted professional studio. After that the image is attended to by a professional graphic designer who corrects, if necessary, the contrast, the luminosity and the coloration of the image so that it adapts perfectly to the printer.

The next stage consists of printing the image in high resolution at 1440 dots per inch or even finer with the aid of the latest generation of large format digital printers made by top quality companies like Kodak, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Roland and Canon. Each impression is verficada one to the one.

The unprinted edges of the giclee are then stretched (if it's printed on canvas) and mounted in a frame just like an original work.

A Little Brown Owl on a Pine Branch with a Crescent Moon BehindA Little Brown Owl on a Pine Branch with a Crescent Moon Behind

A Little Brown Owl on a Pine Branch with a Crescent Moon Behind Framed Giclee Print by Ando Hiroshige. Your framed artwork's approximate dimensions are 16.125 by 30.625 inches.

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