Framed Owl Art Prints

Hang one of these lovely framed owl art prints on your wall and bring the impressive beauty of nature into your home. A framed print is something special that you can hand down through generations. Did you know that one of the oldest examples of a frmed work of art is a mummy portrait found in an Egyptian tomb from the second century AD. It is thought that before being placed in the tomb, mummy portraits were possibly hung in the owner's home. Personally I'd much prefer an owl on my wall!

5823 Wise, Framed Textured Fine Art Print 5823 Wise, Framed Textured Fine Art Print

High quality embellished paper print framed in a rustic white washed wooden frame. Beautiful owl image with piercing, knowledge filled eyes. A brushstroke effect gloss has been applied to the image to give a textured look to the print. an attractive piece of framed artwork from our Wildlife collection which will look great on the bird lovers wall. Hanging hardware included.

  • <b>Art:</b> Wise
  • <b>Weight:</b> 7 pounds

Sale price $204.88
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F13B00 Baby Owls Quilt F13B00 Baby Owls Quilt

The Baby Owls Crib Bedding Collection by The Little Acorn is influenced by Bridget Kelly's Baby Owl paintings. This gender neutral collection expertly blends natural brown color tones with aqua, coral, green, and yellow.<br><br>The Baby Owls quilt measures thirty-six by fifty in. and has charismatic hand crafted appliqus and embroideries of Baby Owls learning to fly beneath the loving and watchful eyes of mama and papa. Natural cream-colored cotton ground is framed with a natural linen border and charismatic tiny ric-rac and ribbon trims. This hand-tufted quilt reverses to aqua cloud print with top rod pocket for displaying on a wall.<br><br>100% cotton fabric is machine wash/dry. Quilt filing is one hundred percent polyester hypoallergenic fill.

Sale price $126.99
Save on normal price of $171.44

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