Owl Jewelry

Treat yourself to one of these magnificent items of owl jewelry or buy as a perfect gift for someone special.  We feature owl jewelry from just a few dollars to a very special 14K gold pendant.

14k Gold Barn Owl Pendant 14k Gold Barn Owl Pendant

This splendid gold pendant depicts a magnifcent Barn Owl in flight.  The golden pendant is 2 and 3/4 inches in height and is a high quality, hand crafted original jewelry piece made exclusively by a world renowned artist who has practiced his craft for more than thirty years.  You will be able to treasure these creations for a lifetime. Each piece of jewelry is crafted using a 'lost wax' process and begins by careful carving in wax to create a model with an astonishing level of detail.  The lost wax process then involves embedding the wax into a flask with a plaster called investment. Once hardened it is put in a high temperature to burn out the wax. Then molten gold is used to make the jewelry.  Then the jewelry is cleaned and polished into the beautiful pieces that you wil love to wear and give as gifts.

Owl Earrings Owl Earrings

These owl earrings are a bargain!  Make someone smile by giving these as a present or buy for yourself.

Owl Pendant Owl Pendant

Similar in design to the owl earrings above, this owl pendant is also very competitively priced.  Why not get both the pendant and the earrings to create a set.

Owl Charm Owl Charm

This owl charm makes an ideal additional gift for an owl fan.  It is available in diamond-cut and weighs 2.0g.

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