Owl Figurines

Have a beautiful owl perched in your own home - check out these elegant owl figurines. These magnificent owls are perfect to buy as a treat for yourself, or as a collectible gift for a friend or family member.

Wise Guys - Harmony Kingdom TJOW2 Wise Guys - Harmony Kingdom TJOW2

Item # TJOW2
The top of this figurine lifts off to expose an inner compartment. The featured animals in this figurine are owls.


Perswee (Owl Fairy) - The Good Faerie AQF6 Perswee (Owl Fairy) - The Good Faerie AQF6

Item # AQF6
The Good Faerie collection of box figurines transports you to a magical world of make-believe. The secret goings-on of faerie life are revealed in each imaginative and colorful piece.


Snowlady - Bows - Fenton Glass 5269UE Snowlady - Bows - Fenton Glass 5269UE

Item # 5269UE
Fenton's delightful family of winter figurines is outfitted in new Berry Christmas attire designed by Stacy Williams. This festive design of boxwood leaves and bright red berries adorns each handpainted piece. A candy cane scarf provides extra warmth and color to this cheerful pattern.


Little Owl - Preciosa 63171 Little Owl - Preciosa 63171

Item # 63171
Beauty, charm and elegance - these are the attributes of crystal figurines and other decorative objects from Preciosa.

These glittering creations of lasting value are created by the talented and loving hands of the Preciosa designers. Cut from genuine Bohemian crystal, they make not only perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest or family & friends, and are also eagerly sought after by collectors.


Barny's Baby - Gigglees GIROW Barny's Baby - Gigglees GIROW

Item # GIROW
Add a little fun to life with the Gigglees by Martin Perry Studios! These amusing figurines feature a unique two-piece design that enables the rounded top to rock and roll on the base. Place these owls any way you fancy!


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